Beadsnfashion has changed the era of Fashion Jewellery Industry

As online customers are growing day by day, so do the fashion Jewellery options now available on e-commerce platforms. Artisans, small shop owners and home-based jewellers have faced loss because of this. The reason is bulking Jewellery design & production cost is now much cheaper. Artificial Jewellery making and Selling online has now been easier by Beads n fashion.

Beadsnfashion company offers to rattle the Jewellery market by providing a unique platform with skill and creativity knowledge and supplies for Designers, artisans, Hobbyists and Fashion Institutes to Buy-Learn-Sell to end consumers with a mixture of revolutionary technology and traditional after-sales service.

They tried to understand the problems of small shopkeepers, Designers and Hobbyists. They tried to look at their perspective and wanted to help them at any cost.

Here are some troubles which were faced by artists and shoppers

Demand for Customized Jewellery:

Fashion Jewellery has a well-built occupancy in Indian as well as International market. As online Jewellery sale enlarges, people now want customized Jewellery which is incomparable and as per their taste. However, searching for that incomparable design may take a long time and might not be worth the price. Customized Jewellery are more expensive to normal Jewellery

Make it Accessible:

People want to make jewellery (DIY) as a hobby to demonstrate their imagination and creativity and for this, they need quality Jewellery making material to create a piece of Jewellery on their rather than buying it. It helps them ring out their creativity In Metro city’s Wholesale markets, these DIY(Do It Yourself) kits are perhaps available but not possible to people living in rural areas or low populated cities.

Limited choices for hobbyists:

Most of the DIY kits available are for Art & Craft, There’s an absolute GAP for Fashion Jewellery materials where a Jewellery maker requires to buy various kits to make a unique piece of Jewellery. Furthermore, the collection is quite bounded in terms of variety available in the offline and disordered small players in an online market.

Solution by Beadsnfashion for fashion Jewellery Industry

Beadsnfashion have looked at all the problems of Jewellery makers/hobbyists and came up with some solutions. Based on customer feedback, they started concentrating on making every product visually engaging and making sure that their website is user-friendly. User experience and attractiveness to purchase a product increases after viewing such an Incredible collection of products. They have a database of Tutorials and videos, where people can watch, learn and develop their Jewellery making skills. Artisans and hobbyists can modernize themselves with the latest styles, trends and product usage from “How-to-make” videos. 

BeadsnFashion carries a variety of Beads, Charms, Stringing Materials, Chains, Cords, Jewellery components, Findings, and Beading tools, Beading Boards, which are an essential part to make a Fashion Jewellery. They constantly add and improve their website catalogue with a new range of products. Almost all the products are “Made-in-India”, Which are more Durable And regular in supply compared to low-cost Chinese materials. The colour selections and the styles are kept given Indian customers and their styles.

Concept of Beadsnfashion

People have so many queries about them like what do they provide and what is the benefit of connecting with beadsnfashion? BeadsnFashion is an end to end Fashion Jewellery online portal where Jewellery designers can buy Jewellery Supplies. They can also learn from video tutorials on how to make jewellery pieces. 

Beadsnfashion has the vision to be “Etsy of India” a platform helping local talent, handiwork in the Fashion Jewellery Industry. Hence, they are covering regional variations of India by proving  Jewellery making materials of all styles in an easy-to-find market model. They have a coalition of their services with the “Made-In-India” and “Self-reliant” campaign of the government of India, by allowing hobbyists and artisans to become self-employed, an entrepreneur. 

Beadsnfashion has a Tagline concept of Buy, Learn and Sell. 

  • Buy the Materials.
  • Learn and Enhance your Jewelry making Skills
  • Sell the Final product on the platform to the Indian as well Global consumer

Here is some potency of beadsnfashion:

  • They have expertise in 24 years of Handicrafts and Fashion Jewellery Industry.
  • They have Imports, Exports, Manufacturing and sourcing Fashion Jewellery.
  • Extremely talented craftsmanship and workforce.
  • They have a big team with Successful Operations.

Challenges faced by Beadsnfashion

Beadsnfashion founded by Reetesh Gupta in Feb 2015. It’s Bootstrapped and has come a long way from Being in Financial troubles to a cash positive company. In this long journey, they faced many problems. The co-founders left in between and being from non-IT background lack of knowledge in the IT, led to changing its IT platform 4 times. 

BeadsnFashion is based out of Agra. Determination,  Not to Give up Attitude, Experience and Good networking had brought out the fruitful results, Focusing on Goals and Deep knowledge of Jewellery Business has bricked away for success. Today They fulfil 5000+ monthly orders

Reetesh Gupta has the vision to provide an eCommerce platform where Jewellery Designers, Hobbyists get a variety of Jewellery making materials easily. The Company plans to partner with Fashion Institutes permitting them for regular supplies as well as giving the students to showcase their products on the BeadsnFashion platform. They are seeking investment for Scaling up operations, higher talent, market reach, standardizing processes, operations and technology enhancement at the back-end.


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