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JRS pipes and tubes is the leading ms round pipe dealers and wholesaler in India are provides the best quality MS round pipes since the year 2000. They are the renowned MS Pipe dealers around the country because the companies using top-notch quality raw material in making these Pipes are our partners. These pipes are present in various outer diameters, lengths, and thickness of the walls of the Pipes. Customers can even make their order by customizing the dimensions of the pipe they want to buy. With this, they can get the exact sized MS round pipe and complete their work.

Companies providing pipes to us hire competent workers to keep a proper eye on the making up of MS round pipes. The care of the pipes that our providers do while manufacturing the Pipes by taking good raw material gives the best results. Testing of the pipes under the supervision of a knowledgeable staff member ensures that the customer will have a good experience while using the pipes, which do not let them down in any adverse conditions. Ex: High-temperatures, high pressure, etc. These pipes can face any situation without making the customer fall in the losses.

How Do JRS MS Round Pipe Dealers Work?

  • As a leading ms round pipe wholesaler we inspect the pipes generated by our partners (These partners are working with us right from the start of the business).
  • Get these pipes in our stocks. Keep them in a safe environment to protect them from rust. In case any defective piece is found in the slot accepted by us we remove it from our stocks and move them to scrap. We do this to make sure that no wrongly manufactured pipe reaches you.
  • Send the order made by our customers according to the deadline decided during the deal-making meeting. Our workers carry the pipes carefully to the vehicle.
  • Our drivers move the vehicle cautiously so that pipes do not get damaged while transportation.

JRS Ms Round Pipe Quality Check Process

Following are the quality control checks that manufacturing companies do before sending the MS Round pipes to us: –
1. X-rays gauges are used to regulate the thickness of Pipes.
2. Special machines fill the pipes with water and then put pressure on them. This is done to inspect how much pressure pipes can hold.
From here the defective pieces of pipes are into the scrap. We also perform these tests before selling these pipes to you.

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